Dr. Michelle Harwell


And laugh a lot along the way. 


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My work is to offer you a space from which to grow and to be in dialogue with your questions.

As a consultant, clinical supervisor, and psychoanalyst, I work with therapists and clients who are seeking experiences of growth - whether you are yearning to expand your practice, sharpen your clinical skills, or contend with questions about your own becoming. 

My approach to growth involves a strong sense of curiosity and play, remembering that the growing edges of our lives are potential space, and that when we can evoke a sense of joy and wonder in the change process, we are freed to be fully present in our own process of trying, failing, and becoming.

Although I specialize in helping therapists and creatives, I also recognize that your sense of self is more than your chosen field or calling. I believe there is a universe within everyone, and a major guiding principle in my work is to honor and celebrate your unique voice and the things that make you feel alive.

Welcome. I'm so glad you've landed at the doorstep of my digital home. 




Dive deep.

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Therapy for Therapists + Creatives

Free your mind and the rest will follow. -En Vogue

I think psychoanalysis is about the birthing of a mind. Its the hunt and find of the unspoken, an ever-deepening understanding of our deepest hopes and dread and the freedom to engage life with more knowing and choice.

But what does it look like in practice? As the analytic process starts to work its magic, you will start to feel enamored by your own growth, and it's potential freedoms. You will come rushing out of the gates of your walled fortress only to be reminded why the walls were erected in the first place. It will take time and practice to hold yourself in this world both accepting your vulnerability as part of it all, while simultaneously finding your strength to stand in it. That's what deep therapy work can feel like...

Listen slant.


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When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen. -Ernest Hemingway

I think listening well is an art. Muriel Dimen PhD, a brilliant listener and psychoanalytic writer, quotes Emily Dickison,“Tell it slant.” But she says instead, “Listen slant.” In other words, listen for the space in between, the place where reality seems air tight, zipped up, vacuum sealed.  It is in that space, we can truly begin to see anew. As a relational psychoanalyst and supervisor, I see my primary task as helping clinicians learn to listen from the inside out, to listen for what is evoked in the mind and body. This requires an apprenticeship of one's own interior, to learn to roam about internally with a promiscuity, to let our imaginations reign free in service of the client. It is a practice that must be cultivated and continually refined.


Show up.

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Business consultation

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. -James Cash Penney

I noticed a turn in my business when I really started to highlight the unique characteristics of each of my clinicians. The splendor of seeing someone access their inner genius is thrilling. I want to help my staff become more of themselves and help them be in dialogue with possibilities.

At the core, I credit my success in staying connected to the things that light me up and investing in relationships. I see entrepreneurial endeavors as an expression of creativity. Tending to a business is dynamic and moving. My business is a living piece of my life. It's always becoming, just as I am in continual process as a human being.

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